We've all done it before. But usually there isn't someone to come to our rescue, especially the police. You are in a frenzy getting the car all loaded up with groceries, kids, or some work items. Then, that all important morning cup of coffee is missing when you need it the most. Why? Because it was accidentally left on the roof of your vehicle.

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The Portage Department of Public Safety recently shared a funny, yet heartwarming video, on their Facebook page of some officers coming to the aid of a driver who was in the process of committing a "coffee crime". A Portage driver was beginning to take off down the road when a Portage officer noticed a cup on the roof of the car.

So the officer quickly turned on his lights and pulled the vehicle over. We are pretty sure when the driver stopped, they had no idea what was actually going to happen next. They probably figured a brake light was out or that perhaps they had violated some other traffic infraction. Nope... it was just an alert police officer relating to the busy nature of modern life who wanted to help prevent a bad start to the day for one of the city's residents. What a unique, funny, and thoughtful random act of kindness!

The video was posted by a YouTube user who captured the incident on their outdoor home security video on February 17, 2022, which you can watch below.

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