The Governor has promised to get the job done; these formidable pothole trucks could fix the pothole-ridden Michigan roads this Spring.

They call it a "pothole killer." Why don't we have an army of these trucks swarming about the state like ants right now? These industrious machines can get the job done and repair the holes in Michigan roads.

In Philadelphia, they have the VORTEC truck: Vacuum Operated Rock Transfer Emulsion Coating. It is a simple, 4-step process that is run by a single operator who never has to leave the cab of the vehicle.

  1. The nozzle sprays air into the pothhole to clean out debris or water
  2. An emulsion spray is next.
  3. Stone mixed with more emulsion is propelled into the crater to bond everything together.
  4. Finally, the truck runs over it to tamp it down and, viola!

Some testing was done back in 2014 but the Kent County Road Commission was not completely satisfied with the results. Five years later, it's time we see what improvements have been made in the process and materials and line up a convoy of these things to hit the streets this Spring and fix the damn roads.

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