I received an email from one of my listeners concerning the upcoming Presidential election of Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton that I wanted to share with all of you.  I think his perspective is worth you hearing.

The following email is from Mike;

The way I look at our choices for this election is this:

We ended WWII by dropping an atom bomb on two Japanese cities. This action killed innumerable innocent lives, but most would agree that it was necessary to end a war that would lead to even greater loss of innocent life. It was indeed an immoral choice, but a necessary one to achieve a greater good. If we made the "moral" choice and didn't end the war, we would have ultimately paid a greater price.

Likewise, with this election, Trump may have to be "the immoral choice" that is necessary to achieve the greater good. If we choose to make the "moral" choice and not end the establishment corruption, then we are sure to pay a greater price... Like loosing the America we all love.

What are your thoughts about Mike's email?

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