The City of Battle Creek is now attempting to recruit their next group of "high school ambassadors" to visit our sister city in Japan.

The City says that this summer, high school students in the Battle Creek area will get to take part in the 36th annual cultural exchange with Takasaki, Japan. In the program, high school families will host students from Takasaki from July 21-31, and then all of the students will depart for Takasaki City with Battle Creek students returning home after 10 days.

The Battle Creek delegation for the 20 day experience will consist of 4 students and one teacher/chaperone. Students are required to contribute $500 towards airfare, an amount that can be reduced through volunteer work. Beyond that, students are expected to pay for their passport, and pocket money for their time in Japan. And of course, the student's family will need to be prepared to host their student from Takasaki.

Takasaki is a city located in Central Japan's Gunma Prefecture, and is the hometown of the famous Daruma doll; the little dolls originally represented the Zen Buddhist patriarch Bodhidharma, and are often given as good luck charms. Takasaki has been Battle Creek's Sister City since 1981.

Applications for the program are due by Friday, April 12 and can be turned in to Room 206 at Battle Creek City Hall. Application forms and further details can be found at 

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