With the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Kennedy we are now hearing from every single elected Democrat and all of their pundits that there must be a Pro-Abortion litmus test for his replacement.

Really, you want a Republican President to put forth as a nominee a Pro-Abortion judge to the United States Supreme Court.

Would all of you then promise with a signed contract that you would demand that a Democrat President put forth a Pro-Life nominee as a judge for the United States Supreme Court?

The punishment if you break that contract would be immediate removal from your elected seat.  If you had already retired or were voted out, then the most senior elected official in your party in the same House or Senate would have then have to take your place and be removed from their seat.

Let see you put your money where your mouth is or will you just continue to be complete hypocrites.

As a side note, why is there any litmus test for judges?  Are they not supposed to rule via the law, not what they “feel” the law should be?

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