The pro-abortion vs pro-life debate moves on and probably will forever. It is a personal decision where you put yourself in that debate and I understand that.  The hope when discussing the issue is we could all agree on some simple facts, but that does escape many in this discussion.

One simple fact I would think we could all agree upon is when a “fetus” for those of you in the pro-abortion side and “baby” for those of you in the pro-life side is actually born can we now call that product a baby?

Well, it is not that easy.  A CNN report on current legislation being debated in the Senate described a baby who has survived an abortion as a:

fetus that was born

If people are unwilling to admit that once the “organism” comes out of the mother we can now call it a baby then just forget discussing anything of intelligence with these people.  You will just be wasting your time and burning up the few brain cells those people have and for them, brain cells are a terrible thing to waste.

By the way, the bill Pain Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act has nothing to do with abortion, limiting or banning it. The bills only address saving the life of a baby, there I said the “B” word, after a botched abortion.

The Republican Senator who introduced the bills Ben Sasse said on the floor”

This hearing is not about overturning Roe v. Wade. In fact, this hearing is not about limiting access to abortion at all…This hearing isn’t a debate about first-, second- or third-trimester abortions. This hearing is about making sure that every newborn has a fighting chance — whether she’s born in a labor and delivery ward or whether she’s born in an abortion clinic

When people are unwilling to admit that we all can call a baby a baby after he or she, oh for some I guess to be PC I must say “it” is born then we have a huge problem in our society.

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