Kalamazoo is getting another professional sports team, this time it's a basketball team. The city of Kalamazoo is no stranger to professional sports and even semi-professional sports as teams like the K-wings, the Kalamazoo Titans, and the Kalamazoo Kings/Growlers have been playing here for years. Kalamazoo is a decent-sized town and has the revenue and interest to host several successful sports teams.

Kalamazoo has had its hand in some professional and semi-professional basketball up to this point, but nothing on the level of The Basketball League. Kalamazoo currently has the Kalamazoo Photons and the Mid-Michigan Spartans that play professional ball in Kalamazoo for the NPBA and the OBA respectively. These athletes are just as capable as the ones who will make up the new team, just not playing against the same kind of competition.

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The Kalamazoo Galaxy Basketball team announced in a Facebook post that you can see below that they will be moving into town soon and have big plans, not only for themselves but for the community as well. They will be competing in the Basketball League's Midwest Conference against teams from Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky and even have some opportunities to play against some Canadian teams in the NBL.

The team's market owner is a well-known face within the community and looks to use his connections to help grow Kalamazoo Galaxy basketball. Entrepreneur Brian Marais will be the team market owner and had this to say about Kalamazoo Galaxy basketball:

"With the city of Kalamazoo being a tough, hard-working, and caring community, we are excited to help with the vision set forth by the community. With a partnership and a shared vision with The Basketball League, we are ecstatic to announce a new professional basketball team. But not just a team... A pillar of support for our community and the vision of all those who are part of it. We want to love, inspire, support, and give back more. Let's reach new heights together. - Go Galaxy!"

There is a media event coming up Friday, October 7th in Kalamazoo to introduce the team, market owner, and present more information about the team like clinics, girls' basketball teams, and more. The team won't start play until the new season starts in March and there will be multiple tryouts between now and then to decide who will make up the roster.

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