I spoke recently with a couple who have already voted on the Proposal 1 Michigan sales tax/road funding question. They voted by absentee ballot, as I suspect others have as well. They were comfortable with the concept: find more money to improve Michigan's roads.

But, once they received the actual ballot language, it seemed too complicated, they said. To them, it seemed like a political shell game - and they grew to distrust it. So, what started out as a "yes" vote turned into uncertainty, and eventually, a "no" vote.

In fact, The Detroit Free Press this week has tried to help voters understand the ripple effects of Proposal 1, should it pass.

Anyhow, if the proposal has an assassin, that might be it: voter discomfort (distrust) of the language, probably compounded by overall political distrust.

When last we discussed the potential for voters to get caught up in the complexities of the issue, we were talking to a representative of the Oakland County Road Commission. They admitted the issue is complicated, but still tried to reassure us it's worth it. Coming up on The Richard Piet Show Wednesday, we will discuss this with John LeMacchia, legislative associate with the Michigan Municipal League, which is urging a "yes" vote on the measure.

What are your thoughts on it? Have you made up your mind on Proposal 1?

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