I was contacted by a concerned citizen and listener of my show.  She informed me that she has been studying the effects of marijuana on young adults as well as teenagers and wanted to share her concerns with what she found, with my audience.  This is due to the fact that we will be voting on a ballot initiative for the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana, titled Proposal 1 Marijuana Legalization Initiative 

Those concerns came from her studying the facts of the experiences that States like Colorado and Washington are having, now that they’ve had some time with their legalization of the recreational use of marijuana. Her studying of the data available out there was around:

  • How Marijuana has changed since the 60’s
  • Effects of Marijuana use on children (IQ, drop-out rates, dependency, etc)
  • Traffic Accidents
  • Effects in/on the Workplace
  • Health Effects
  • The Black Market

Her name is Dawn Brady, she has a BA in Psychology from the University of Michigan and she was a 10 year Member of Harper Creek Community Schools Board of Education.

I also had another subject matter expert by the name of Matthew Yascolt Grassroots Director of Healthy and Productive Michigan.  Michigan Healthy and Productive Michigan is a committee:

of concerned individuals with diverse backgrounds who recognize the economic, safety, and health concerns of recreational marijuana use. We are committed to keeping Michigan’s economy thriving and our citizens healthy, by preventing the legalization of recreational marijuana in Michigan.

Healthy & Productive Michigan believes that our communities should not be victims of the commercialization and normalization of marijuana.

Below you will hear my entire interview with them and their concerns about the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana.  I always aim to give both sides of a debate, and many listeners who want the legalization of marijuana have called into my show to give us their thoughts.  With this interview and the multitude of listeners who have called into my show as proponents of Prop 1 you should be well informed to help you make your decision if you want to vote yes or no on Prop 1.

Renk's Interview with Dawn Brady & Matt Yazcolt on Prop 1 Seg 1 of 3:

Renk's Interview with Dawn Brady & Matt Yazcolt on Prop 1 Seg 2 of 3

Renk's Interview with Dawn Brady & Matt Yazcolt on Prop 1 Seg  3 of 3

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