I have been off for over a week and now feel energized and ready for another great year of information, discussion about the events of the day and great music.

I will be back in my studio tomorrow Wednesday January 2nd at 9 am and ready to go.

So join us tomorrow to kick off another great year, a year that will hopefully bring us more great economic news and continue to make America great and safe again.

What do you believe will be the major concerns and issues of the year?

Will the Mueller investigation find and prove any collusion between President Trump and the Russians?

Will there be an investigation into Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Parties collusion with the Russian government?

Will the Democrats continue to be a road block, or can we call it a wall, in their attempt to stop or slow down America in our continued progress?

Will the Democrats start to put Americans first instead of every other countries citizens?

Will the “Wall” on our southern border ever be built or fortified?

Will Democrat Governor-elect Gretchen Whitmer put a brake on all the progress Republican Governor Rick Snyder and the Republican legislators have made?

What do you want to see happen here in Michigan and the United States this year.


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