Innovative new drugs are coming out all the time to offer hope to cancer patients and others facing life-threatening diseases, but the cost of these treatments can be prohibitive.  That’s why Battle Creek Republican State Rep. Dr. John Bizon is introducing a bill to allow patients access to drugs that are very similar, for less cost.

HB 4812 would allow pharmacists to dispense “bio-similar drugs” instead of the brand name biologic drug if those bio-similars are deemed interchangeable with the brand name drug. This bill requires patients to be notified of the change and a record to be kept of the substitution.

The Michigan House Health Policy Committee passed a bill to amend the public health code to regulate bio-similar drugs. House Bill 4812, introduced by Rep. Bizon,  now moves on to the House floor.

State Rep. Dr. John Bizon was a guest on Friday’s WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins.

“Biosimilar medications offer patients a more affordable treatment alternative to biologics with similar effects,” Rep. Bizon said. “The bill is designed to increase our access to innovative biosimilar treatments, while keeping the safety of the patients as the highest priority.”

State Rep. Bizon also explained why he voted for the failed no-fault insurance reform bill, saying that, even though the bill wasn’t perfect, it did at least offer relief to Michigan drivers who struggle to pay the state’s high premiums.

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