Dr. John Bizon stopped in for his monthly chat on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins, only this time as our State Senator.  The former State Rep. says he'll have a much bigger area to cover, and an expanded office and staff.   The 19th Senate District includes Barry, Calhoun and Ionia counties.

Senator Bizon pointed out that a member of the state house represents about 93,000 Michigan Citizens.   As a Senator, the number is more than three times that many.

Bizon’s local staff members include Karen Todd of Battle Creek and Ben McLeod of Assyria Township. Todd is director of district affairs and handles Bizon’s constituent cases, district affairs and communications. Most recently, she was a district relations staff member in Bizon’s House of Representatives office.

McLeod, a graduate of Pennfield High School, is office administrator and handles Bizon’s schedule, office matters and light legislative work.

Bizon has been assigned three committee leadership roles. He will chair the Senate Families, Seniors, and Veterans Committee; serve as vice chair of the Health Policy and Human Services Committee; and serve as vice chair of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Community Health/Human Services.

In addition, Bizon will serve as a member of the Appropriations Committee, the Appropriations Subcommittee on Capital Outlay and the Appropriations Subcommittee on Universities and Community Colleges.

On the program, Sen. Bizon discussed issues of road funding, auto insurance reform and asset forfeiture, as well as working with Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer.  Bizon points out that Whitmer, unlike the last two governors, has legislative experience.  He says he hopes that will help in the process of accomplishing common goals held by the Governor and the Republican majority in the State House and Senate.

Bizon’s office is in Room 3400 of the Connie B. Binsfeld Office Building, located at 201 Townsend St. in Lansing, across the street from the Michigan Capitol at the corner of Townsend and Allegan.

Residents can contact Bizon by phone at 517-373-2426 or toll-free at 1-855-347-8019, by email at SenJBizon@Senate.Michigan.gov, or via U.S. mail by writing to Sen. Dr. John Bizon, P.O. Box 30036, Lansing, MI 48909.

More information about the senator is available at his website, www.SenatorJohnBizon.com.


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