A package of bills introduced in the Michigan House Tuesday and co-sponsored by Battle Creek representative Dr. John Bizon would relax some hunting regulations.

House Bill 5147 would allow for the transport of bows or crossbows in a vehicle, without the need for them to be unstrung, and without a license.

House Bill 5146 would add hunter pink as an accepted color for hunters, as an alternative to orange. There had been some discussion about the acceptability of hunter pink in summer 2017, but the Detroit Free Press reported in September that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources decided that hunters must still wear blaze orange.

The primary sponsor for the bills is Rep. Steve Johnson from Allegan County. Other co-sponsors include Reps. John Reilly, Joseph Bellino, Aaron Miller, Pamela Hornberger, and more. They have now been referred to the Michigan House committees on Judiciary and Natural Resources.

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