So this has become a big problem for Ohio and some of Michigan as we border Lake Erie and this summer expect for this issue to be worse. The issue is Algae bloom which has become an issue the last five years and it even impacted some areas of Toledo where it contaminated drinking water. The algae bloom, mostly impacts western Lake Erie, also called blue-green algae and it is capable of producing the liver toxin microcystin, which poses as significant risk not only to marine life but to also other animals using the lake as well as humans.

Scientists and researches say according to WXYZ, that lake temperatures have remained cool even though there is a higher-than-average rainfall in the region. This helps to delay the enviable but the bloom is expected to start in late July when the water temperature reaches 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. When the bloom starts you not be permitted to swim, fish, or drink water from Lake Erie and even to go in some tributaries that flow into Lake Erie.

The algae bloom is getting worse and worse every year. With a lot of the blame heavy rains for washing farm fertilizer and untreated sewage from humans and farms into the lake. More on the story here as more will come from this

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