This week, the latest news surrounding the summertime crash that injured actor/comedian Tracy Morgan took a turn. Walmart, whose semi driver struck the commuter vehicle Morgan was riding in, suggested Morgan would not have sustained the injuries he did if he was wearing the available safety belt.

That got me to thinking - boy how times have changed. When I was a kid, safety belts were not even mandatory when riding in a car. When people would ride in my dad's car and ask him if they needed to put a seat belt on, he'd say "nah, don't need 'em in my car!"

Wow. These days, if I don't have my safety belt on when I'm in a car, I feel nude. But, think about it: When you're riding in a commuter bus, have you ever looked around for a seat belt to put on? I bet many of us haven't.

Here's a story from CNN that discusses the case:

Do you always wear your seat belt when you're riding - no matter what type of vehicle it is?

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