During the holiday season, we know there are tons of people out there who deserve a bit more attention and kindness, especially this crazy year.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the holiday season combined, this year we will be keeping Amazon, UPS, FedEx, and many other delivery companies plenty busy. USPS alone is looking at an estimated 750 million packages in total for the holiday season, averaging 5 million packages per day.

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Those packages just don't jump off the truck alone and make their way to your door. Delivery drivers will be working long, and depending on the weather, cold hours from now until the end of the year. Not exactly the easiest gig in town.

Recently a friend ( thanks Tiffany) posted a picture of her front porch showing off her annual tradition of leaving a little "thank you" for all those packages she has delivered during the holiday season. She leaves a basket filled with snacks, bottled water, and other little "grab & go" goodies. The sign above reads "Delivery People, please help yourselves. Stay healthy & safe. Happy Holidays".  I immediately fell in love with the idea!

Such a simple thing, but something that may just make someone's day. I decided to do my own basket and sign as well. They are pretty easy to do...just add some bottles of water, maybe a few energy bars, crackers, and bags of chips. We all know how those workday munchies kick-in, and these drivers are on the road the whole day so you might as well make their workday a little more enjoyable. After all, they are the ones who bring the magic of the season, and those late-night shopping orders, right to our doorstep.

Photo: Lisa Marie
Photo: Lisa Marie

In a crazy year of stress and chaos, why not embrace the season of giving and do something special. By the way, my first delivery knocked on the door just to say thank you.

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