State Rep. Dr. John Bizon is running for the State Senate, as current Sen. Mike Nofs retires from the state legislature, due to term limits.  Bizon, who has been elected to two 2-year terms, could serve another term in the State House, but instead chose to run for the Senate.   The 19th district is made up of Calhoun, Barry and Ionia counties.   Dr. Bizon is being challenged by former State Rep. Mike Callton for the republican nomination.  Voters will choose one of them in the August 7th primary.

In the interview on the WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins, Bizon talks about auto insurance reform, and why he supported a failed bill this year.  He says the key things we need for reform is a fraud authority to keep disputes out of the courts.  He also thinks Michigan has excessive coverage, covering many people who have made the decision not to pay for insurance.  He says we also need to clamp down on repair businesses that might over-charge insurance. He says no-fault was supposed to get lawyers out of the system, but instead there are four times as many lawsuits in the courts.

Bizon also talks about:

  • Bills to address an opiate crisis in Michigan that might be too extreme.
  • Road funding and Public Act 51.
  • Road building and materials used.
  • Endorsements for his campaign.
  • He's by far the more conservative candidate in the race.

Opponent Mike Callton will be a guest again on the WBCK Morning Show on Tuesday July 31st.  Dr. Bizon will be back on Friday August 3rd.




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