63rd District State Representative Dave Maturen and challenger Matt Hall are battling for the Republican nomination for the November election.  Maturen appeared on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins for a second time to talk about the race, and to outline differences between the two.

In the interview, Maturen lists his endorsements, which include Governor Snyder, State Senator Mike Nofs, and many elected Republicans in Calhoun  and Kalamazoo counties.   The 63rd district encompasses eastern Kalamazoo and southern Calhoun counties.

Maturen defended his record on second amendment issues, saying he is a CPL holder and that his family has always owned guns.   He said he does not thing concealed permits should be extended to schools, and also thinks that some training and licensing process should be in place.

Maturen also stated that a third of Republicans in the state legislature joined him in voting down an auto insurance reform bill that he says would not have been good for residents of his district.

Maturen says he's being unfairly labeled a liberal.

He also says Hall moved into Emmett Township last March for the purpose of running for office in the 63rd district.

He also attacked Hall's plan to use the state sales tax on gas to fund road repairs, saying that would cripple schools, which currently get 3/4 of that sales tax on gas.

Maturen says two of his top priorities, if re-elected, will be auto insurance reform and water quality.


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