State's "Official" Language
This is something that's been different about the United States for a long time. We have no declared official language. France's official language is French, Mexico's is fact, most of the rest of the world has a declared official language. 32 states in the US have one, an…
Journalist Registry?
I must say I really like the bill introduced this week in the South Carolina House of Representatives.  It is time for our elected leaders to start pushing back.
The bill titled “South Carolina Responsible Journalism Registry Law,” looks to set up criteria on what qua…
No-Reason Absentee Voting
State representative Lisa Lyons (R- Alto) has introduced House Bill 4724 which if passed would allow anyone who is a legal voter in Michigan receive an absentee ballot for any reason, or no reason.
Sound like a good idea to you?
The Lansing State Journal is reporting that the bill would let all legal …

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