Environmental Protection Agency

Fort Custer Base To Test For Toxic PFAS Chemicals In Water
The ANG Base has had firefighting foam used on the property in the past, and concerns have been raised recently about the per and poly-fleuroalkyl substances, known as PFAS, that were contained in that foam. The testing is set to begin April 16, and is being carried out to determine if there’…
Battle Creek Launches 2018 Rain Barrel Sale
The city does the rain barrel sale every year, and encourages the collection of rain water for watering the lawn, or washing your car; The Environmental Protection Agency says that almost 40% of all household water use in the summer is lawn and garden watering.
Calhoun County Man Suffering Poisoning From Rare Heavy Metal
Calhoun County authorities are looking for the source of a rare poison that has hospitalized an Emmett Township man.
Area law enforcement are being joined by the Calhoun County Health Department, CDC, Environmental Protection Agency and others in figuring out what led to the 41-year-old victim s…