A meeting was held Monday night in Springfield to update the public on per and polyfleuroalkyl contamination in and around the Battle Creek Air National Guard Base.

MLive reports that at the meeting, environmental and health officials said that further testing was being conducted on residential water wells near the base, after two homes north of the base were found to have PFAS levels above the EPA health advisory level. The Michigan National Guard also said that they were testing the groundwater on the base itself, with those results expected sometime in August.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality says that they don't expect to need to test wells north of the Kalamazoo River, as they don't think the chemicals could have spread underneath the river.

The PFAS contamination from the base is believed to be related to the use of firefighting foams over the years.

PFAS are a group of chemicals whose impact on human and animal health is still being studied; however, the EPA says that studies have linked them to various health problems including kidney, liver, and immune system issues, thyroid hormone disruption, and cancer.

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