The City of Battle Creek is selling rain barrels once again, in an effort to save water.

The city does the rain barrel sale every year, and encourages the collection of rain water for watering the lawn, or washing your car; The Environmental Protection Agency says that almost 40% of all household water use in the summer is lawn and garden watering. The rain barrels hold 55 gallons and come in a few different colors, and cost just over $56.

You can order online by clicking here; if you don't want to order online, you can follow that link and print out a form to order by mail. If you want to mail in your order, it must be done by June 15; online orders are due by June 18.

Barrels can be picked up at the Battle Creek Department of Public Works building on Kendall St. from 4-6pm June 22. If you can't make it, someone else can pick up your barrel for you as long as they have the receipt.

To figure out if you can use a rain barrel in your home, and for a guide on how to use one, go to

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