When Do You Believe a Poll?
A new poll conducted and released by the Kaiser Family Foundation states that more people want ObamaCare fixed not repealed.
The new poll said they found that approximately 4 out of 5 people want the Trump Administration to fix the ObamaCare health insurance law rather than repeal it...
Government Prediction That Hurt Us All
Just like everything else in life when we are given incorrect information from what we thought of trusted sources we can make huge mistakes in our decisions.
That not only goes for our personal lives but also for government.
We keep hearing about the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and how they are …
Obamacare and The Penalty
As you may well remember beginning in 2014 if you do not have a healthcare plan in America you were charged a penalty under Obamacare, well the numbers are in.
According to data from the IRS Commissioner John Koskinen approximately 6...
Michigan Medicaid Expansion Paid with Gas Tax Funds
The Michigan Capitol Confidential News Site is reporting that Governor Snyder’s proposed budget will use tax dollars which were freed up in the General fund when the legislature agreed on a new infrastructure bill, to fund the expanded Obamacare Medicaid program...
Should the Supreme Court Care?
Many of you may already know that the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to decide at the end of this month on a big and substantial challenge to the Unaffordable Care Act.
That challenge centers around 4 words written in the law.  T...
Fed Gov't Spent 3.7 Billion Has No Idea Where It Went
According to the General Accounting Office (GAO), the Obama administration and the Democrat Party spent $3.7 billion on "Obamacare" — and does not have any idea where your tax dollars went.
Does that make you a bit upset?
According to the audit performed by the GAO they concluded that “CMS’s…