Michigan and Taxing Pop
Do you believe that a local governmental unit should have the ability to tax pop or any other food item in order to limit the amount of pop consumers purchase and consume?
Today it could be pop and tomorrow who knows, maybe kale.
The Detroit News is reporting that the Michigan Senate passed a bill yes…
Bikes: If It Moves Tax It
Well this is interesting, the liberals in the state of Oregon have actually managed to get both the conservative’s and environmentalist to agree upon something.
That agreement is against their new, first in the nation, bike tax, yes bike tax...
Tax Olympian Winners or Not
Did you know that U.S. Olympic winners receive cash for winning the Gold, Silver or Bronze medals?  Well they do and some politicians want them exempted from paying taxes on those winnings.
As I stated Olympic athletes who win medals also win cash...
Michigan Tax Dollars At Risk
I just read a great article by Justin Hinkley in the Lansing State Journal.  The article discusses a new report commissioned by Governor Snyder detailing what Michigan taxpayer funded programs are at most risk at not utilizing Michigan tax dollars efficiently...
Sewing Jobs 3,380 Solar 2,100
Now this is just precious.
We hear about all the renewable energy jobs created in Michigan and across the country but did you know there are more sewing machine operators in Michigan than people working for the solar industry.
Thanks to the Mackinac Center for Public Policy’s news site…
Michigan; How Do We Rank?
Most of us know what tomorrow is, Tax Day.
A website which concentrates on economic issues called WalletHub released its latest report of the U.S. tax landscape.  It is an in-depth look at the states with 2015’s Best & Worst Taxpayer Return on Investment.

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