Now this is just precious.

We hear about all the renewable energy jobs created in Michigan and across the country but did you know there are more sewing machine operators in Michigan than people working for the solar industry.

Their article quotes the Michigan State Universities online news service The Capitol News Service recent story on solar energy.

If you take all of the jobs in the solar industry i.e. manufacturers, installers, sales people and everyone else in the industry it totals 2,100 jobs.  That my friend’s equals only 62% of all sewing machine operator jobs in Michigan.

Yes only 62% of those new fangled futuristic sewing machine jobs.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2014 Michigan had 3,380 sewing machine operators.   When you put these numbers in perspective they tell you the real story and agenda behind the left’s wanton spending of other peoples money.

The 2,100 jobs would not be such a bad thing if this industry was in its infancy and your elected politicians did not spend billions of your tax dollars and given billions more in tax subsidies away.

But they did.

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