I just read a great article by Justin Hinkley in the Lansing State Journal.  The article discusses a new report commissioned by Governor Snyder detailing what Michigan taxpayer funded programs are at most risk at not utilizing Michigan tax dollars efficiently.

The statewide “risk assessment” study reviewed 128 state programs and the report found that almost 50% of our state programs are at risk of not spending our state tax dollars effectively and efficiently.  The Governors administration will use this report to prioritize where their efforts should start at limiting our risk.

Apparently this report is unprecedented not only here in Michigan but also nationwide.  The report found that approximately 20% of Michigan’s government programs were rated high risk and approximately 45% had “weaknesses or inefficiencies”.  The “at risk” programs are funded with state tax dollars in the amount of 45 billion dollars and range from water quality to the police.

Wow that number is large, I was even surprised it was that high.

Finally someone is using business techniques, should have already been government techniques, to determine if these programs should be defunded, given more attention or some of the tax dollars shifted to other programs.

According to the article the state auditors flagged everything from:

  • Weak controls over spending
  • Lax security in computer databases
  • Poor oversight of contractors

This is exactly what former governors from both parties should have been doing all along.  The question I have is why did they not produce a comprehensive report like this?

Why do so many politicians not treat our tax dollars with respect like I assume they do with their own money?

I give a lot of credit to Governor Snyder for undertaking such a task, but again this is nothing different than any other competent CEO would have been doing in the companies they run.

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