We now have a Democrat Congressmen from New York who believes that taxpayers should pay for women’s personal hygiene products.

The New York post is reporting on Representative Sean Patrick Maloney who is very upset that the House Finance Office would not reimburse him for the $37.16 worth of tampons he bought for his congressional office.  Due to this he has started the "Tampon Lobby" on Capitol Hill.

Yes you read that correctly, he has started the Tampon Lobby.

He stated in a Twitter video:

My office recently got smacked down by the powers that be in the House because we had the temerity to offer feminine hygiene products for the women who work for me...By the way, a majority of my staff is female and we have a million people come through our office, and we provide things like paper towels, or tissues, or first aid, like Band-Aids, supplies that people need. And those are paid for by an office budget. Pretty normal stuff.

He went on to say in his video below:

By the way, all sorts of members spend their office budgets on all kinds of crazy things, and you may have heard some of the scandals around that...But the one thing you cannot do, apparently, in the House of Representatives is treat women with the same respect and dignity as you treat other employees or other visitors.

Really, “treat women with the same respect and dignity”, buying them tampons would achieve that.

Congressmen Maloney thinks it is "crazy" that us taxpayers do not already pay for his staffers' tampons, which he considers an "office supply."

Do you consider Tampons to be “office supplies”?

Some would say since we expect our employer’s and government 5o supply toilet paper which is a personal hygiene item then why should we not pay for women’s tampons.

Do you believe taxpayers should pay for Congressmen Maloney’s women staff members tampons?


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