This pandemic has messed everything up, so much so that the regular tax day has been pushed back to May 17th.

The recent covid relief packages are to blame for the pushback and the fact that the IRS is still swamped with the tax information from last year. That's crazy to imagine that even the IRS needs time to get things right. 

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 Mindy Mcintosh from Mcintosh and Associates in Freeland says the reason the deadline was moved back is due to the tax changes in the COVID relief packages.


Regardless of the reasons and your personal tax situation, Mindy says you still want to file as early as you can.


By doing so you can help prevent identity theft.


Identity theft is a major one when it comes to filing your taxes. I know 3 people that have been affected by identity theft through unemployment and I can tell you it's a very scary thing. To know that your unemployment might be compromised by a complete stranger is unsettling. Filing your taxes early as possible could help you catch any hiccups or signs of fraud.

Check out the rest of the article for tips and what else you should look out for before filing your taxes by clicking here. 


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