Thought about this very thing this weekend as we were trying to juggle everything that needed to be done around the ranch.What WOULD we do if we had another hour---or three, perhaps?  I think we came to the conclusion, that we would just like to have that time to sit on the deck and watch the fish in the pond.  (Don't laugh.  It's VERY relaxing)  Just have conversation.

A new survey asked people what they'd do if they had an extra hour each day.  THere are the top responses.  See how they line up with yours.

1.  Relax, 29%.  (Amen)

2.  Spend time with family, 25%.

3.  Exercise, 22%.

4.  Pursue a hobby, 22%.

5.  Sleep, 16%.

6.  Check something off your to do list, 15%.

7.  Spend time with friends, 12%.

8.  Do chores around the house, 9%.

9.  Go shopping, or enjoy some entertainment . . . like a movie or TV show, 8%.  ( I can't figure out why those were lumped together.  It makes no sense.)

10.  Focus on self-improvement, 7%.

11.  Volunteer, 7%.

12.  Work more, 3%.  (SHOCKERRRRR!!!)

Now, let's pretend that you've found an extra MINUTE in your day!  I should like to suggest THIS as a way to productively spend that minute.  Watch.

Talent Show Weezer Cover Rocks a Bit Too Hard


BLURB: You’re suppose to destroy your instruments at the END of the show.

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