Michigan - Battle Creek, even - is not immune to the ongoing debate about whether or not children should be vaccinated against various ailments. One of them is Measles, an outbreak of which has thrust the debate into the national spotlight.

You don't have to look far from Battle Creek to find the crux of the argument from both sides. On The Richard Piet Show Monday morning on WBCK, Mary Tocco - director of vaccine research for the group called Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines - talked about what motivates some parents to opt out of having their kids vaccinated. Hear the whole interview by clicking the player below.

In case you missed it, last week we talked with Dr. David Davenport, director of infection prevention and control services at Borgess Medical Center. He offered the "pro" vaccination perspective. Click the following player to hear his remarks.

What thoughts do you have about vaccinations?

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