I informed all my listeners on Monday morning that it would not be long before the blame for the Las Vegas massacre would come down to gun control and Presided Trump.

Well I was correct on both fronts.

The Washington Times is reporting on a professor at Drexel University who is blaming “Trumpism” and the “narrative of white victimization”.

Department of Global Studies and Modern Languages tweeted out Monday morning:


The bodies were not even all accounted for at the moment the Democrat party decided to play the same old tired blame game of it is our gun control laws, Trump’s and white peoples fault.

Is this really the party you Democrats want to belong to? I have said it many times on air and I will say it again, the Democratic Party has left many of you in their hate and violent filled dust.  If you are not a radical nut case who is willing to violently or verbally attack everyone and everything then this party is not for you.

Now how you solve that problem is easy, vote out the politicians who do not adamantly denounce such violent behavior on our streets and violent, divisive and crazy language like above.

That certainly does not excuse his other tweets and even a blind squirrel finds a nut from time to time.

By the way just so you do not think this was a one-off for this associate professor, last Christmas Eve, he tweeted:

All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide

Good luck with your party my friends in the Democratic Party.

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