Two underage people were arrested after Kalamazoo police say they stole a vehicle and crashed it into another motorist.

The theft was reported by the vehicle’s owner around 6:30pm Friday from the 4000 block of Debbie Lane. A Kalamazoo Public Safety Officer responding to the report spotted the vehicle heading east on Stadium Dr, and before the officer could turn their lights and siren on the suspects allegedly sped off and ran a red light.

As they did so, the suspect vehicle was struck by a car heading down Howard St and the suspects ran away on foot while officers checked on the other driver’s condition. The two suspects, both juveniles, were found on Howard St. and arrested without further incident.

The driver of the other vehicle in the crash was released from the scene with minor injuries.

The KDPS wants to remind people not to leave their car running unattended, as they say most vehicles stolen in Kalamazoo are left with the keys inside.

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