Recently we wrote about someone that claimed to have captured a UFO in Kalamazoo from a video on YouTube. Unfortunately, after watching the video which was filmed in 2020, we could easily debunk it and recognize that the lights that they saw were clearly our radio towers. But over the weekend on Saturday, August 14th in Kalamazoo, something really weird happened while taking a walk that legitimately makes me wonder if we were visited.

It’s hard to make out but when I first noticed the metallic object in the sky, it was only after I saw two jet pilots flying in the same direction and rather close to one another. It's common that if there is ever an unidentified flying object or an identified flying object that needs surveillance, they always send two jets to scramble, survey, or disrupt. Watch the video below and see for yourself.
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I feel like what it most likely was, was a satellite that was crashing back to earth. But it’s strange that nobody knew anything like this was gonna happen. It seems like kind of a dangerous thing to happen without prior knowledge.
It’s possible it was a surveillance drone, but it was shaped like nothing I’ve ever seen in a drone. Then, there’s the possibility that it was something more mysterious and unidentified. It eventually dipped behind the trees and I lost sight of it but I haven't heard about any satellites crashing to earth, so I'm curious if anyone else spotted this. Was it a UFO? You make the call. #BELIEVE

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