Another break-in at a home in the Union City area has police looking at a possible trend.

The Michigan State Police Marshall Post, Coldwater Detachment says that a break-in took place at a home in the 900 block of Adolph Rd. in Branch County's Union Township. Sometime between noon Wednesday and 4:30pm Thursday, doors into the home and detached garage were kicked in, and a suspect or suspects entered. 

The thieves stole an unknown amount of jewelry, but the MSP says they believe they had been looking to steal firearms. Police say that it's possible this crime could be related to several other complaints in the area over the past few days; at all of the residences, the doors were kicked in and the door frame was broken so the criminals could gain access.

Authorities are urging residents to be aware, and they are asked to report any suspicious people or vehicles in their area.

If anyone has information about this or other break-ins, you are asked to get in contact with the MSP.

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