Some students at the University of Michigan will be required to get weekly COVID-19 tests.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, the University of Michigan has announced a new rule for students. Starting next week on February 16th, 2021, all graduate and professional students who are living, learning, teaching, working, or coming to campus to access resources will be required to take mandatory weekly COVID-19 tests. This requirement also remains in place for undergraduate students and testing will be required whether or not you have had the vaccine.

Additionally, U-M Athletics has begun resuming injury-prevention activities and sports-specific training for student-athletes. This phased re-acclimatization schedule was developed in collaboration with state, county and campus medical experts, and will prepare for a return to organized practices in anticipation of resuming competition on a sport-by-sport basis the week of Feb. 8. All students are encouraged to be tested weekly using U-M testing resources (Community Sampling and Tracking Program if asymptomatic and University Health Service if symptomatic). For a limited time, CSTP testing is being offered to the Ann Arbor community who reside near the U-M Ann Arbor campus. The Washtenaw County Health Department’s stay-in-place recommendation for all U-M students on and off campus in Washtenaw County remains in place through 11:59 p.m. Feb. 7.

As the university has begun to see a greater spread of COVID-19 in students, they are urging all students to follow the county Stay in Place recommendations through the weekend and get tested each week using the University of Michigan resources provided. The COVID-19 cases at the university represent 34% of the total cases in Washtenaw County.

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Currently, there are eleven off-campus group living residences that are under house-wide quarantine due to COVID-19 cases. Some of those cases include the B.1.1.7 variant of the coronavirus. U-M has testing programs in place for their students and has arranged for pop-up testing for those in quarantine and the communities in Ann Arbor adjacent to the campus.

Source: University of Michigan 

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