Yesterday I informed you of the 30-year-old man who refused to move out of his parents' home in upstate New York.  His parents had to go to court to attempt to evict him.

As a reminder the parents gave him several eviction notices as well as offering him $1,100 to help him move, he still refused.  He stated his parents must give him 6 month notice as opposed to the 30 days they were giving him.

Well according to reporting by the judge has ruled on this case.

The judge ruled that it is time this 30 year old man move out of his parents’ home.

After arguing the case for almost 30 minutes between the judge and son, the judge said he had enough and ordered the man to move out of his parents’ home.  He also ordered adult protective services to investigate.

In fact the judge called the son's demand for six more months "outrageous."

After the proceedings the son asked the television camera crews to meet him outside of the courtroom for an interview.

Once he had the television cameras on him he tore into the judge's eviction order and vowed to appeal the ruling.

The reporters asked him if he ever considered “spending as much time looking for a new place to live as fighting the eviction”, the 30 year old son said that “he wasn't ready to leave home”.

Well ready or not, get ready to fly the coop.

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