Jim and Kandace from US Staffing Agency dropped by on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins, and shared a couple of very true and very strange answers by candidates from real interviews.

In one interview situation, the employer asked, “Why do you want to work with us?”  The candidate answered, “My mom said I have to get a job or she’ll stop giving me money.”

And another time, the potential employer asked the candidate, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” To which the candidate quickly replied, “Probably some exotic beach somewhere!”

Jim says once you get through the challenge of hiring employees, retaining them is the next challenge. And sometimes, we go to great lengths to retain employees, especially younger employees who are in the Millennial generation.

Retaining Millennials in the workplace.

A recent article written by Bretton Putter on Forbes.com examines a different view of the Millennial generation and their views of work.  The author of this article suggests that employers not focus on retention of Millennials, but rather focus on what can be learned from them, or how their skills and perspectives can improve our organizations while they are employed with us.

Here is a short list of what millennials can bring to employers that other generations may not have been able to.

  • Millennials can help companies deal with unpredictable, relentless change. In today’s environment, change is uncertain, continuous, and relentless. This causes a lot anxiety for a lot of people who prefer structure.
  • Millennials are able to stretch their capabilities and skills very quickly. Using their mobile devices, this generation can quickly rack up hours and hours of trying out new business models and accumulating business experiences very quickly. The lesson learned here is that companies should create an environment that allows younger employees the opportunity to stretch beyond their baseline skills.
  • Seeing through the less-than-genuine mission statements that companies sometimes put out. This generation of employees want to know the mission statement is authentic and being lived out. Jim says that US Staffing has changed it’s mission statement to be more in line with their new direction.  Their new mission is to “help develop communities, by building relationships and connecting people.”
  • Millennials believe that there is no longer such a thing as ‘just a job.’ They are less willing to just “put the time in”, particularly if the work is dull, repetitive or pointless. Going to work, putting your head down and doing what you can to survive the week has become increasingly obsolete in this generation. So the lesson learned here for companies is to give people meaningful work.

So, if you are you are a millennial and are thinking about making some changes in where you work each day, come in to US Staffing and chat. Or if you are an employer that needs to add quality people to your team, call US Staffing Agency.

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