Jim Dolson and Ben Jones of US Staffing were on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins, with some things to think about during the upcoming holiday season.

The Good News: Last week, the new unemployment numbers were released and the unemployment rate is now down to 3.7%.

The Bad News: Finding available people is very difficult. It’s a desert out there if you’re looking for employees to fill your job openings.  During the coming weeks, retailers will be scrambling to find, fill, and keep part-time Holiday workers for their stores.

Jim and Ben found an article with some great suggestions on how to address this problem for listeners who are retail owners or managers. This article is from The Business News Daily’s on-line magazine and it’s titled “Seasonal Hiring: 6 Tips for Employers.”

Here are a few:

  1. Start thinking early about how to address potential seasonal worker needs. It is easy to get behind and then you’ll never catch up.   Remember, in this economy you are competing in a race to find and keep seasonal employees. If you start too late, you’ll never catch up. Right now, today, is the time to advertise and start hiring and training.
  2. Use a temporary staffing agency like US Staffing. US Staffing can recruit, hire, on-board, and pay those temporary Holiday workers. US Staffing can also partner with retailers so that if they find someone they want to use for the holiday, but don’t want to hire them, they can do that too.
  3. Letting someone else hire your holiday work-force, allows retailers to focus on the service and inventory side of their business during the busy holiday season. US Staffing, for example, will pay the employer paid taxes, manage the payroll, and help release the temporary workforce as sales slow down after the holiday sales.
  4. Consider recruiting using social media and word-of-mouth.  In the staffing world, there has been a shift toward recruiting using Facebook, Instagram, and digital advertising. But, word of mouth, or referrals as we call it, are very powerful. Tap into that great employee’s relationships and hire that person’s friends or family.

If you are an employer and need some help finding temporary employees for this upcoming holiday season, reach out to US Staffing. And if you are an employee and you are looking for part-time Holiday employment, contact them. They have a long list of awesome employers looking for great people.

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