Every company has seen their fair share of what we might call not-so-great employees. These employees have a way of breaking the scale on the “bad-excuses meter” about why they do things a certain way or why they don’t come to work.

For example, one manager reported that an employee called in sick for two weeks. Each day he would email HR with an update of his condition. It turned out the employee was on the road with his band the whole time. The employer found out only because the employee kept posting photos and updates on Facebook about the tour.

Well that’s just one example of what not-so-great employees do just before they get fired. Today, though, we are talking about “The 5 Things All Great Salespeople Do.” This is from a December article by Joseph Curtis in the Harvard Business Review. 

US Staffing is in the process of hiring a great salesperson so we thought we’d share an article we found about attributes of a really good salesperson.

  • The best salespeople “own” everything. That is, they take responsibility for everything that happens to them, whether or not it was their doing. They do not adopt that victim-attitude. Do you know people in life who are always the victim? How do they get along in life? Well those people tend to blame everyone but themselves for their problems. But, a good sales professional takes on the mindset that they are responsible for what happens to them. So, the most significant difference between middle-of-the-road sales performers and top-performers is attitude.
  • The best salespeople are resourceful. They’re sort of like that 80’s TV character MacGyver! The best sales people are like the modern day MacGyver, less the life and death scenarios of course. They’re often faced with difficult situations and time pressures all while having to negotiate seemingly arbitrary obstacles armed with only their wits…and their smartphones, of course.
  • The best salespeople are experts. Sales is less about selling and more about leading, which requires high levels of confidence, which in turn requires knowledge and experience.  Gaining industry knowledge and a strong point of view about the products being sold should be the top priority for any aspiring salesperson.
  • The best salespeople help others. Regardless of where you are in your career, there is someone else you can help. The best salespeople regularly pass their knowledge on to less experienced sales people with no expectation of anything in return.  The act of mentoring someone else itself helps build confidence and often results in those sales professionals being promoted.

You know, maybe you are currently a sales person looking to make a change. If that’s you, please contact us we have an opening in our company for someone who can find new customers in multiple industries throughout mid-Michigan. We want a performer not an excuse-maker. And, if you are an employer and looking for some awesome team members, reach out to us. We have good team members that are looking for work. Ben, how can folks find us?

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