As we know, micromanagers can be a real pain in the behind.

But as it turns out, the opposite can be just as big of a problem for a business.

Ben Jones and Jim Dolson from US Staffing Agency appeared on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show to talk about an article in the Harvard Business Review, titled "Under-Management Is the Flip Side of Micromanagement — and It’s a Problem Too". Ben and Jim say that Under-management is when managers want to avoid conflict, and as a result they end up failing to keep employees productive.

In order to prevent under-management, They offered up three points:

  1. Don’t be a conflict-avoider. This is just like any other skill that leaders have to learn. Most people do not enjoy difficult or uncomfortable discussions. But managers need to be able to identify and resolve conflict.
  2. View goal-setting as mission critical. There are some managers that simply do not set goals for their team. Without having metrics in place managers have no vehicle to achieve the results the company is expecting.
  3. Ask the question, “Is this work the absolute best that you can do?” For example, if some one is turning in a report and the manager asks this question, it reminds that team member they are being held accountable and reinforces a results oriented culture.

US Staffing can help you find a new employer if you're working for someone who under-manages, and they can also help out employers looking for new team members. You can find them on Facebook at US Staffing Agency, or by going to their website at You can also go to their Battle Creek location at 914 Columbia Ave, or you can call them at 269-589-6507.

US Staffing will also be moving their Battle Creek location out to the Minges Creek Plaza on Beckley Rd. in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for more news about that!

See the video below.

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