The Next big auto show is in the books and what was there is more than I had expected. See inside the Grand Rapids Auto Show.

Every year I attend the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. This year I made my way to Grand Rapids for the show there with hopes of seeing what was missing from Detroit. That would be fully electric, super advanced tech like the new Tesla 3. Maybe even see some fully autonomous vehicles that lack gauges, pedals and a steering wheel. To my dismay, there was nothing like that here either. what was there would be more of the same "check out how you can plug your phone into this" technology.

My take may vary from what others may have experienced. Co-worker, Nico Berrios joined me on this trip and this was his first time experiencing an auto show so I look forward to reading what his experience was like.

Meanwhile, here is some video from inside the show and a look at some cars that are worth more then I will make in 10 plus years.

BONUS VIDEO: A Look At The Tesla Model S P100D

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