The Michigan International Auto Show is in the books, and it was my first experience with an auto show. 

The MIAS takes place in Grand Rapids, and this year was in the Devos Place. It sits sandwiched between the Detroit International Auto Show in January, and the upcoming Chicago Auto Show, but that doesn't mean it's uninteresting.

For a full video, check out John Mason's story on the experience; I defer to him, regarding things like disappointment. From my perspective, the MIAS was a lot of fun, with the majority of makes being represented. There was one glaring omission I was upset about, though; I was really hoping I'd get a glimpse of the new Tesla Model 3, which is technically a production car now. If you've followed the news, you know that they are drastically behind in production, so I'm not exactly surprised. Tesla even skipped the Detroit show.

It really wasn't the exotics that impressed me the most at the MIAS, surprisingly enough. I was particularly taken with the amount of tech that automakers are fitting into their standard vehicles, and I saw more wireless cell phone charging than I see in an office! Below, you'll find a gallery of some of my favorite vehicles, and my reasons for choosing them.


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