Whether you are pro-abortion or pro-life that is up to you.  One side of the debate will never convince the other side, you need to come to change from within.  This piece is not about being pro-abortion or pro-life, it is about the terms morality and moral and what they actually means.

a doctrine or system of moral conduct

of or relating to principles of right and wrong in behavior

Many Democrats including their leader Nancy Pelosi and AOC believe that walls are immoral.  They actually did say walls are immoral, first of all how can an object be immoral?  Nancy a person who lives behind walls at her mansion in California believes walls are immoral.  Pretty funny that she is calling her and her husband immoral, funny on how no one in the “news media” is actually asking her that question.

Now we have The Washington Times reporting that the Democrat Party in Vermont has introduced bill H. 57 which would prohibit regulations that interfere with “an individual’s right to choose” and forbid the prosecution of “any individual” for performing or attempting an abortion.

There is also a companion bill, S. 25, which states “that health care workers “performing or assisting with a legal abortion procedure shall not be subject to any civil, criminal, or administrative liability and penalty.”

We know that the Democrats in New York and Virginia have passed bills which will make it easier to obtain late-term abortions, even allowing procedures up until birth.

I find it hilarious that Democrats want to lecture anyone about morality and what is moral and immoral.  If you are honest with yourself you will know deep down inside what is moral and immoral and who is performing a moral and immoral act.

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