As David Bowie sang:

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes turn and face the strange

Ch-ch-changes, oh, look out you rock 'n rollers

Change is coming to WBCK and many will say a good change.  We are heading to the heart of Battle Creek.

There has been lots of movement of businesses in Battle Creek lately, and here at WBCK, we are moving too. We are headed downtown to the Battle Creek Tower. 

I asked my Market President & Chief Revenue & Content Officer, Mary Fork, why she wanted to move. She said:

There is a lot of growth happening in downtown Battle Creek and I want Townsquare Media to be a part of it.  Having a studio downtown will make it easier for clients and city leaders to have their voices heard.

We look forward to many years speaking to Battle Creek residents and leaders.

As with any move, there is a lot of work with cleanout involved. That is why we are having an estate sale from September 23rd through the 25th.  Local estate sale company C of Treasures is putting on the sale for us.  Here is a link to the full details of the sale and see some of the items up for sale and auction.

One example is the following piece of radio equipment given to our station by the federal government to have in case of the need to broadcast during the war.  This piece of equipment would have given us the ability to broadcast from the bomb shelter in our building.


Come to the event to see what else we have for sale.

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