You’ve probably noticed Lacy James’ articles on missing persons in Michigan on the WBCK Website.   On Monday, the Michigan State Police and a missing person’s advocate group noticed too and honored Lacy for her coverage.

"Today, on behalf of Missing in Michigan and the Michigan State Police Missing Persons Unit, Nina Innsted and I were honored and blessed to present Lacy James with this "VOICE FOR THE MISSING" award for her work within the media assisting in bringing missing persons home,” said Kellie Boer of Missing in Michigan.  “Thank you Lacy for all that you do for the missing (especially for my missing), I love ya honey! 💗"

Lacy James award-TSM Photo
Lacy James award-TSM Photo

James, Community Outreach and Office Manager at Townsquare Media in Battle Creek, also writes and co-anchors the afternoon news on 95.3 WBCK.  “We’re very proud as a news organization to cover these missing persons stories, and I’m especially proud of the dedication that Lacy James has shown, not only to all of the news, but especially these stories,” said Townsquare Media Battle Creek Director of Content Tim Collins.  “She spends a lot of time developing contacts, checking for leads and breaking news, and working with police organizations to get the word out.   We know the community is interested in helping too, because those stories are widely read on line.”

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Missing in Michigan is a public Facebook group with nearly 62,000 members.  Lieutenant Sarah Krebs of the Michigan State Police created the award and started the Missing in Michigan group.



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