Yep...the Haunted Michigan sites continue on...

This one is the former Robert J. Whaley house at 624 E. Kearsley in Flint, now used as the Whaley House Museum.

Mr. Whaley (1840-1922) was instrumental in the genesis of General Motors. In 1886, when he was the president of Citizen's Bank, he floated a loan to the Flint Road Cart Company, which led to GM.

A year earlier, he and his family moved to Flint and occupied this grand Victorian house at (what is now) the corner of E. Kearsley & Chavez Drive.

Their only son passed away from diphtheria at the age of ten. Robert passed away in 1922 after they had moved to Cassopolis. A few years later, Robert's wife Mary was found dead in the same house. The deaths of Robert & Mary were both unexplained. They were investigated as possible suicides, or maybe even murder, with no conclusions. Hitting dead ends, they simply wrote them off as by “natural causes”.

So what about a haunting?

Even though Robert and Mary both died in a different house, it's believed that it's Mary who haunts their beloved former home. Oddly enough, it's the front lawn that is said to have the most paranormal activity, even though one witness claims to have seen a piece of cloth levitating on its own inside the house.

If you visit the museum, the employees will gladly tell you about the hauntings and the experiences of ghost hunters!


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