Well, although it may not feel like it, the official start to the Spring season is Monday, March 20. And with Spring, comes Spring Cleaning!

Yes, Spring Cleaning. Some people dread it, as their spouse or roommates cajole them into turning the house upside down in an effort to chase out the winter gloom. Others, they greatly enjoy it, and see it as an opportunity to make their lives simpler by removing junk they don't need.

Me personally, I've definitely had that moment while cleaning house where I'd stumble across some doodad that for the life of me, I cannot remember ever seeing before! Just recently, for example, I found a 6-pack of lightbulbs colored red and green. Not Christmas lights; just your typical filament bulb with colored glass.

So what are your Spring Cleaning stories? Did you ever stir up the dust so bad your dog had an allergic reaction, or find a long-lost treasure that just made your day? This will be our discussion topic on It's About You, heard Saturday at 7:30am with yours truly, and Jacob Washburn.

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