I saw an article in the Michigan Capitol Confidential news site in which they informed us that two police officers in Grand Rapids made approximately $98,000 in overtime pay in 2017.

The article then informed us what the top regular pay rate was for a Grand Rapids police officer according to their union contract, that was $35.71 an hour or $74,296.00 a year.

That made me wonder; what does the average police officer make in a year.

I found a website called salary.com which gave us the average wage of a police officer in many cities in Michigan.  From that website it appears that the average salary for a police officer in Michigan is somewhere in the mid $50,000 range.

That does not seem like much for officers who actually work the street and put their lives on the line every day for us.

Yes they do receive a pension and can retire after 25 years, I only know of police, fire and teachers who can do that, but that still does not seem much for the beat officers who risk their lives every day.

State Representatives and Senators make approximately $72,000 plus expenses and teacher’s average about $63,000 and they do not even work every day of the year.

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