Halloween, Halloween, here comes Halloween.

And on Halloween, candy is king.

Thinking back to our trick-or-treating years, there were definitely certain treats that were better than others. Any kind of chocolate candy far out-ranked hard or chewy fruit candies. Reese's Cups and KitKats were the most popular.

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Do Not Pass Out Fruit for Halloween

And don't even get me started on the houses that passed out things like apples and raisins--I'm still traumatized. Let me just get this out of the way...

No one wants your box of raisins for Halloween!

I promise. Please do us all a favor and grab a bag of candy to pass out for Halloween. Your house may thank you later too...you could be saving it from getting egged or toilet-papered from those youngsters who were upset at getting shriveled up grapes instead of candy. You don't want this to be your house:

Darrin Klimek
Darrin Klimek

Regardless, no matter what you end up passing out for trick-or-treaters, it ends up saying more about you than you may think.

Find Out What Kind of Person You are Based on What You Pass Out for Halloween

From fruit and raisins to small hard candies to full-size candy bars, what you pass out on Halloween says more about you than you may think. Scroll below to find out the truth--the good, the bad, and the ugly--about what your Halloween pass out says about you. And let us know what you think! Send us a message using the station app to let us know where you fall on the scale of Halloween treats.

What You Pass Out On Halloween Says A Lot About You

Gallery Credit: Kristen Matthews

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