I have to say, as someone who lived in Alabama for 25 years and then up and moved to Michigan, I was absolutely shocked by the hunting culture in the Mitten State. With as many deer that call this state home, I can hardly blame y'all.

In full honesty, I thought more of you guys would be Yankees. I'm the furthest thing from a good ole' country boy, but I've been around that culture and grew up in it enough to say you guys can hold your own with much of the South when it comes to how serious you take your hunting.

But what do the numbers say? Do Michiganders truly stack up to the rest of the country as a quality place for hunters?

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Deer hunting is the premiere here in Michigan, though there are certainly more options in the state than in many other places. With more types of game, a longer cold season and plenty of rural space, there's enough reason to expect Michigan to rank fairly highly for its hunting.

Those expectations should be tempered just a bit though. Michigan in fact does not rank highly for its hunting. In fact, the Mitten State doesn't even rank in the top half across America.

According to Stacker, Michigan is ranked #28 among all 50 states for hunters. Their study says 6.6 people for every 100 in the state hold a paid hunting license, while the cost of hunting licenses, tags, permits & stamps state-wide is nearly $40 million.

Michigan did at least outrank Indiana which landed at 34, 37-ranked Ohio, and Illinois at 41. However, our neighbor on the western shore of Lake Michigan, Wisconsin, is number 10.

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